Ghana’s E-mobility Startup: Solar Taxi Obtains a Pre-Profit Valuation of $9.5 Million

Solar taxi, an E-mobility startup in Ghana that seeks to create a platform for Green Transportation within sub-Saharan Africa, has obtained a Pre-Profit Valuation of $9.5 Million since it launched two years ago. The news was revealed by its CEO George Kadwo Appiah on Facebook on 11th April 2021.

Solar Taxi started as a pilot project (September 2018 – July 2019) which Kumasi Hive spearheaded with support from the MasterCard Foundation.

The project began to alleviate poverty and create employment opportunities for young people while protecting the environment by leveraging on energy harnessed from the sun to drive solar-powered vehicles.

In a bid to mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gases produced by fuel vehicles, Solar Taxi introduced its first batch of 10 Cherry Tiggo 3xe 480 EV SUVs and Electric bikes in the Ghanaian economy in December 2020.

Currently, Solar Taxi has a mobile platform where various electronic vehicles range from motor bicycles, scooters, salon cars, Tricycles, and minivans can be booked for personal use or delivery at affordable prices.


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