Sustainability: How Businesses Can Help The World Recover By Going Green.

When the world went on lockdown as a result of COVID-19, one could see the huge damage individuals and businesses had done to the environment. Places like India, Los Angeles, Agbogbloshie, Ghana saw blue sky and individuals were also fortunate to inhale fresh air for the first time in decades when they went on lockdown. The temporary experience of cleaner air during the lockdown should make businesses rethink the kind of world they want to build for their customers after the pandemic.

There is no doubt COVID-19 has affected many parts of our lives and how we do business but most importantly the effect of climate change on the entire globe and most developing countries that are relatively vulnerable cannot be ignored. Businesses should rethink the way they operate and adopts measures that minimize the impact of climate change in their communities.

With the growing interest in sustainability in consumer behaviour, many would shift their buying habit to reduce their perceived personal impact on the environment. Consumers spend billions on products each year and with this money at stake, businesses will need to change the way they produce their products and run operations or lose the cash.

Businesses can attract a growing number of green audience by following these tips:

Recycle Waste:

Business owners can help the environment by incorporating a zero-waste culture as employees spend most of their days at the workplace. Keeping waste such as plastics and electronics out of the landfill is one big step businesses can take to save the environment from climate change. Business owners should provide dispensers and encourage their workers to bring reusable bottles. Instead of throwing used electronics such as old computers, printers, smartphones, and monitors away, they can be given to schools in deprived communities so they can catch up with modern trends.0.0

Reduce Building Energy Footprint:

Climate change will affect populations, the economy and significantly raise the cost of doing business sooner or later. Also, looking at the likelihood of international climate change regulations in the near future, companies should start measuring and reducing their energy consumption now. Installing renewable energy equipment such as solar panels into your buildings won’t only provide you with clean, sustainable power but save you tons of money.

Cloud Computing:

Instead of printing numerous pages of documents that may go to waste after employees read, companies can use cloud computing like Apple Cloud, Google Apps, and Microsoft Office 365 to share and access information. Cloud computing saves the business money and reduces energy consumption that comes from the purchase and maintenance of expensive servers.

Green Procurement:

One way companies can contribute to a sustainable environment is to practice green procurement by sourcing goods and services that are produced sustainably. Businesses should make sure the goods they purchase are designed to be repaired, do not make use of excessive packaging, are made from renewable materials, and can be recycled.

Sustainable Partnerships:

 One way companies can achieve sustainability is by partnering with startups that are focused on solving environmental problems. By partnering with businesses working on environmental issues, companies gain insights into resources that are wasted and better understand the effect their operation has on communities they operate in.

In summary, businesses can help the world become better if they are to put sustainability in their everyday activities. Individuals spend almost all the time they have in a day at their workplaces and if the business can educate them and provide avenues where employees can practice sustainability, it becomes easy for them to do the same when they go to their various homes.

The article writer, Emmanuel Danso is the Founder of BD Waste and an expert in the recycling and circular economy space in Africa.


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