Basics Tech Concepts To Learn As a No-Code Founder

Welcome to this AEH, today’s post is about The Basics Information Of Personal Computer and all you may need to know.

A Personal Computer (PC) is a computer designed to be used by one person at a time. Their size are small such that they can fit on your hand or on a desk. It a computer that can perform all its input, processing, storage and output activities by itself. Therefore it contains at least an input device, processing device, output device and storage device that work as one complete unit.

They have personal components to perform the following tasks:
• Display and print information
• Input commands and data
• Process data into information
And they are classified into the following categories which includes:
• Desktop Computer
• Laptop and Notebook computers
• Tablets, PDAs and Smartphones computers

Now let’s talk about what Desktop Computer is. Desktop computer is a designed to fit on a desk or table. In Desktop models the system unit is placed either vertically or horizontally. A Desktop computer that is not connected to a network and has the capability of performing the information processing cycle by itself is called Stand-alone personal computer. On the other hand, a Desktop computer that is connected to a network is called a Work station. It is designed specifically to be connected to a network, especially the internet. So therefore a network computer that manages resources on the network is called network server.

They control access to the software, printers and other devices on the network. They also provide a centralized storage area for software programs and data. They are faster and have more storage spaces than any computer attached to them.
But unlike Laptops and Notebooks that are designed mostly for users who work outside office environment, on the field or students. The notebook is smaller, flat and lightweight than the ordinary computers. They are small enough to fit on your laps and can be carried everywhere.

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