Learn The Reasons Why Startups Lose Their Customers To Competitors

Many companies have lost customers in so many ways which most are not even aware of it. Customers are always to be treated like Kings and Queens, the moment you make them feel uncomfortable, then there is a possibility that he is never going to buy from you again. We are going to look at the primary reasons why most firms lose their customers and learn from it.

The first minor reason could be death. It could be that the customer is no longer alive. The second reason could be migration. It could be that the customer has moved away from his or her current location to another place. The last and significant reason could be the attitude of a company employee. Now let’s get more into the mentality and learn from it.


This is a learned disposition towards an object or anything that you get closer to. No one is born with an attitude we all learn it. The attitude you put up with colleagues at the office is what you have decided to do, and for that matter, you can change it. Your attitude towards family relations is usually different from that of friends and colleagues because you see people at different levels. Individual differences play an important role in building an attitude. The attitude of a Customer Management rep is seen as the attitude of the organization. Your perspective as an individual is your brand, and this brand affects the organization as a whole. To build an attitude towards something, it can take less than ten seconds. This is because perspective is built around three components.

• Cognitive that is your mind and your thoughts

• Affective that is your feeling and sentiments

• Conative that is your behaviour

We always need to have a positive attitude because it makes you happy, reliable, responsive, empathetic and sympathetic and don’t forget If you have a negative attitude it makes you have Intra conflict, feel unhappy, Irresponsible, uncomfortable and Nervous all the time



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