Learn How To Remove Barriers to Communications At Work As A Young Startup

To deliver your messages effectively, you must commit to breaking down the barriers that exist in each of the stages of the communication process, learn to use feedback very well be sensitive to the receiver‘s point of view, listen carefully to understand, use direct appropriate or straightforward language, remember to use supportive communication not defensive, minimize interruptions and physical distractions.


Successful business communicators can transfer and receive information using the most appropriate channel. They eliminate barriers to communications and proceed without prejudice, bias and unsuitable language in line with the needs of the recipients. They possess the following ATTRIBUTES:


• Believable • Trustworthy • Make recipients feel completely comfortable


• Well articulate • Straight to the point

• Well focused • Meaningful messages


• Anticipate and predict how messages will be received • Communicate further to adjust misunderstanding.

You also\o have to be a good listener. Listening is a great skill that everybody can acquire. Listening is done not only during face to face conversation but also during a telephone conversation. It is essential to distinguish between HEARING and LISTENING. Hearing is what might happen when you have a radio playing in the background whiles you do something else. Listening means engaging your mind and your memory, and you are active in selecting information, organizing, interpreting and storing it.


• Active/Attentive listening – especially when receiving new information

• Empathetic listening – especially when dealing with all customers

• Critical listening – especially when there is information overload

Concentrate on the ideas being presented and be patient. Seek clarification and always be sympathetic by showing tremendous empathy to clients. Find areas of interest in the subject then also you keep an open mind. It is also essential to set aside bias and prejudice and listen through to the end. Try and resist distractions and maintain eye contact. It is also advisable that you pay attention to body language.



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