How To Encourage Yourself Everyday As A Young Entrepreneur

Our God wraps a gift he wants to send you in a problem. With this, the bigger the gift that God wants to send you, the bigger the problem he wraps it up in.Instead of concentrating on that problem, you should rather look for the gift. Wonderfully enough, you will always find it. What’s more, sometimes the gift or valuable lesson, can be of far greater value than the cost of the problem itself. Sometimes, one lesson that you learn in dealing with a problem can be the key to your long-term success.

Continually think of yourself as a strong, powerful, resolute person in the face of adversity. Let this be an accurate description of you whenever you face difficulties or problems of any kind. Resolve to stand like an iron peg driven into the frozen ground.
You must always be proactive to resolve to focus on solutions and what can be done now, rather than on what happened and who to blame.

Think in terms of the actions you can take to resolve the situations rather than what went wrong and who is to blame. To remain optimistic, look for the good in every situation. When you look for something good, you will always find something good. Furthermore, while you’re looking for something good, because your conscious mind can hold only one thought at a time, you will automatically become positive, optimistic, and back in full control.

Seek the valuable lesson in every problem or difficulty: Every setback you face contains one or more lesson that have been sent to you to help you be more successful in the future. The difference between success and failure is very simple: Failure feel sorry for themselves when things go wrong, whereas successful people look for the valuable lesson they can learn that will help them in the future.



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