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Sometimes, we are really convinced to settle where we are by forces. But if you do not know, life, has a great wall of pushing our dreams down. They can become buried under discouragement, past mistakes, divorce and even self-esteem. Have you allowed any dreams to be buried in you?, and one time you believed you can do something great. What are you remembering?. The pains, the hurts, what didn’t work out. You can easily settle where you are, nobody will fight you. The enemy would love to deceive you in burying your dreams, thinking it’s never going to work out.

Is never too late to become all that you were created to be. Anytime you remember your dreams, you’re removing some debt. The true mark of a champion is “even though some dirt got thrown on your dreams, instead of letting it get buried you shake it off and keep moving forward. You wouldn’t have that opposition if you didn’t have something great in you. If your dreams wasn’t on track, you wouldn’t have so many things coming against you. Trust me, that dream is still alive. Is not dead, is just not in season. Your time is coming. Good moments are coming, promises you’ve been standing on, dreams you’ve been praying about, they are all going to be fulfilled if only you will have patience and believe.

Luck is not your destiny, constantly struggling, getting backs is not the end of your story. This life afflictions are for a moment. Keep note that the adversity you can receive will be temporal of which the glory shall be eternal in your life.
There are some dreams hiding in you, you going to feel your destiny calling, it may not have happened the first time you tried but is still in you. Shake of the doubt, shake of the negativity and get into the right frame of mind. I do believe this is your year to set into new level of your destiny, now get your mind in the right direction.



Fada is a social entrepreneur, educator, writer, and tech geek.

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