Becoming A Blogger Is Not Easy But You Can Make It With This Simple Steps

In today’s article about How To Become A Blogger In The Blogosphere Industry, I will like to brief these points for you and hope you can also follow and share with others in the blogging world.

We are in the computer age, and the internet has brought about vast opportunities you can tap and make money from, in the comfort of your room today.

Be it any profession you have as you have acquired its certification, you can still make use of it on the internet. This is just leveraging on the power of the internet to make more money with your professional skills — using your computer rightly in your comfort room or on your bed.

One benefit of internet business is that, you can be sleeping or eating and still be operating your business virtually to satisfy your customers, audience or visitors. You are only required to have internet access and the device to access the web.

Be it Laptop computer, Desktop computer, Smartphone, Pocket Digital Assistant or Smartwatches, the only thing required is to access the web.

Blogging as we know before, was a hobby-based skill but has now turned to be a passion-turned-profession for any individual out there blogging.

Whether you are a computer geek or not, the only thing required is to know how to write and become a blogger with what you are passionate about.

In this article, I will like to walk you through how you can become a blogger today with some of the steps to mention below.

This is how you can become a blogger today with the steps below.

#1. Firstly plan on the niche/keyword

#2. Now, purchase your domain and hosting

#3. Design your blog.

#4. Start writing your posts

#5. Start sharing your written article for people to follow you

These are the steps you can follow to become a blogger in today’s confused internet age we live in. For more information about how to make the purchase for your domain and hosting, how to create a blog, then we will bring you more updates and hope you will subscribe to this blog.

I have given you five solid steps on how to become a blogger and I hope to break these subheadings down for you in my next article to come.

Kindly keep sharing this post for the love for us and let us all win together in serving you more.



Fada is a social entrepreneur, educator, writer, and tech geek.

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