Want To Start A Career In Technology? Get Inspiration From Stephen Addo Hackman Story

In this post, I will like to elaborate on fellow blog visitors on How I Started My Career Path In Technology — and how you too can do the same in today’s confused era we live on the globe.

Technology has been improving and impacting much on the lives of mankind — and has become part of human life.

With that, we tend to make use of technological tools and gadgets to solve our everyday problems, ranging from calling our friends and loved ones, transportation, satellite for receiving channels, internet access to surf the web, online payment gateways to make purchases online, and pay from the comfort of our homes.

I am Stephen Addo Hackman, the same guy who was little before but has now grown to become a technology expert in today’s confused career choosing era we live.

When we were kids, our dreams were to become one of the top Doctors, Bank Managers, Engineers, Lawyers, or Financial Advisory every. And of course, that was the dream of our parents and the main aim why they do send us to schools each and everyday.

I personally never knew I could become a technology expert like this, and thanks to the numerous technology schools and institutions that have been contributing much to the career uplift of newbies — who are confused in choosing their career path.

I had wanted to become a Doctor, but my career path was stolen all of a sudden by technology — from passion to career.

This started the first day I saw a computer, and was wondering how it works, how it came into existence and what at all could be the price of it.

Since then, anyone that owns a computer became my friend and I grew up to get my first Desktop computer to learn how to play games, music and watch videos finally.

I later graduated from Second cycle institution and develop the habit for computing too much. So how do I bring out this type of calling for computing as well as technology?

I then went and registered for Computer class with the best and top IT school, IPMC and got in touch with some mates who later became my friends. These mates then made my passion for IT became stronger like the bond of 1844. I know you will laugh at me though but it should be noted.

These friends were Gustav and Joseph, who also had passion for technology as much as I also do.

In a way to embrace much to my technology career, I had to share ideas with them and also learn what they are good in, and to add to my own.

These friends really made me understood the world of Information Technology and its tools for making anything possible in the world.

Though I was finding much ways to embrace to my technology career, I was also finding other ways to make it possible to generate income from my technology career.

This alone landed me to searching for online businesses and how to make money online. Every night, Google will never rest from my hands as far as I am still awake, just searching for how to make money with the internet.

I then found a lot of online jobs but does not seem to be realistic. I then proceed to do much research and finally stumbled upon a certain online money making opportunity, which is blogging.

Blogging has become one of the possible and the simplest way to make money online.

During my career education at IPMC, I have been learning a lot to get a better technology job outside the world when I finally graduate as an Information Technology expert.

I am now a technology graduate having much experience to do much things, Database administration, photography, web development and programming.

You are free to share your opinions as well with my comment box found below. Thanks.



Fada is a social entrepreneur, educator, writer, and tech geek.

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