AgriTech Startups In Ghana


AgroCenta is a technology company focused on solving market linkage and financial inclusion problems in the agriculture value chain. AgrocCenta provides an online platform that connects smallholder farmers to a larger online market to trade and access on-demand truck services.

Products of AgroCenta:

  • Cropchain: is a platform for facilitating trade between smallholder farmers and consumers.
  • LendIt: is a lending platform that allows smallholder farms to access super easy loans from financial institutions.

TroTro Tractor

TROTRO Tractor Limited is an on-demand platform that connects farmers to nearby tractor operators. Using mobile phones and GPS, it enables farmers to request, schedule, and pre-pay for tractor services, giving them greater access to mechanized farming equipment, when they need it.


Farmerline is a technology company that provides a mobile platform which allows local farmers to increase their productivity, have access to loan and financial service and additionally offers literacy training and workshop to smallholder farmers.


Trusteefarm is a digital marketplace that connects growers to consumers and helps consumers verify the safety and quality of their fresh farm produce. Their digital marketplace “JOM” seeks to create visibility for young farmers and help consumers access safe and traceable food. TrusteeFarm is currently in the early stages.


QualiTrace is a traceability and an anti-counterfeiting company that uses track and trace technology to authenticate product farm inputs and outputs. QualiTrace not only authenticates but also provides a clear, simple means by which players in any given supply chain can trace products as they move from one stage to the other till the final consumer also independently verifies the source and quality of the product.


Techshelta is a service-oriented company that builds a suite of software and hardware for the agribusiness industry in Ghana. Its vision is to maximize the efficiency of greenhouse farming using technological innovations by providing advisory and automation services to greenhouse farmers and providing market linkages for their clients. TechShelta also hopes to revolutionize the way key stakeholders in the Agricultural industry organize themselves, apply information, and form collaborative business processes through the power of technology.


Kwidex is a crowdfunding platform that gathers funds from users for farmers and other practitioners in the agricultural value space to finance their work. Contributors in exchange get an agreed share of the profits from the projects they contribute to. Kwidex facilitates the aggregation of the money, monitoring of the projects, provision of relevant updates to contributors, and facilitation of the payment of contributors.


ProFish Ghana is a digital supply chain system that creates shared value for fish producers and buyers to reduce post-harvest loss and also give value to buyers. The tech, which runs on a USSD application, provides market access to local fish producers.


FarWallet is open to banking as a financial service that gives small scale farmers power to bank at their farm gate as a model that addresses some of the problems we face in the agricultural value chain with some selected Services Needed in the value chain. The core of this business is to tackle and establish an easy and flexible banking service and other Agriculture Services as well as the value and supply chain defined by eliminating middlemen who do not add value to the produce but instead makes it expensive. In this way, the prices of foods could be affordable for all.


Seepig provides input and management support to smallholder pig farmers to produce healthy lean pigs, which are aggregated, cut required, and supply to consumers at their convenience.


Graduate foods is an Agro-processing business and service enterprise that cultivate, process, package, and markets selected farm produce into convenient, nutritious, and tasty food products for the shelves that are easily accessible and affordable at a globally competitive price always, in the bid to feed the world.



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